Blog 2

I had the opportunity to watch a few videos on some activities to do in the classroom.  One was a video of students working with Minecraft in order to build their own world, and the other was on the World Peace Game.  I thought that both activities had useful purposes but I felt that the Minecraft software is the best example of 21st century learning because students are on the computer creating, whereas the board game seemed somewhat out dated.  Though I did like the principles that came with the game.

I could use blogs in my classroom in order to benefit a multitude of students. I could use blogs to research ways to help students with learning disabilities, students who are ELL, and students who are AIG. I could use several different blogs, like the ones I reviewed in my last blog, to find the information I need. For example, I can research within some of the blog sites to see if there are any new assistive technologies for teaching students with learning disabilities. Blogs are a great and current source to learn about new teaching practices from other teachers around the nation and even the world. Also, I could have my students read blogs about music or other topics I might discuss in my future classroom.

After reviewing some of the links on I discovered some great websites to use as tools in the classroom. One website that I found and have actually seen before is This is a website where you can create your own graphic novel. This can be used in the classroom for students to summarize an event they’re learning about or to summarize a story they have read. The only negative I have about this website is that it allows students to freely create. In most cases this freedom will be fine but in others it could lead to some inappropriate material. So when using this website just be mindful of what your students are doing. The second website I found is called This website allows you to use YouTube to a greater extent. It allows you to put the video into slow motion, make an instant replay, and helps you manage playlists. This website can very effective in the classroom when you are showing your students a video and there are scenes that you want to take a closer look at. Also, it can help you keep your videos and subscriptions organized, allowing easier access to multiple videos at once. The only negative point I have about this website is that the website is somewhat hard to navigate, but once you have it figured out it is fine.

A new technology, well website, I have discovered is This website provides links to many different and useful websites for teachers. I can find just about anything on this website. I especially like the page for Instructional Videos and Videosharing because I feel that many of the websites listed there could be a valuable tool to me when I become a music teacher. The website listed several links to websites that provide a safe video environment for students.


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